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Our core business is the industry-specific search and identification of suitable executives for line, project and program management functions, as well as sophisticated expert profiles at home and abroad.

Steadily expanded over the last ten years, our network gives us an excellent basis for delivering fast-paced suggestions for filling key functions with our clients – no matter whether that involves line, project or program management roles.

Our understanding of the technical requirements, trends and subject areas of our focus industries helps us in this process. As does our deep understanding of the challenges in transformation situations, such as digital transformation or restructuring. As a decisive factor for the long-term success of a new executive in the company, we evaluate his or her ability to win over all relevant stakeholders, for themselves and for the upcoming changes, and to successfully implement those changes. We find you the executives who will make a great contribution to leading your organization safely into the future.

Our approach

Excellent network

In our focus industries, we have systematically developed an international manager network over the past ten years. This includes line managers as well as project, program and interim managers.

One central point of contact

Throughout the entire process, you have an expert contact person at your side, who is only satisfied if you are – and when the best candidate for the job has been found.

Market knowledge

We have deep knowledge of the candidate market and the usual compensation and benefits packages. We also understand different company cultures as well as entrepreneurial requirements and challenges. That is why we are confident of being able to find the right leadership personalities for you.


We ensure accurate results through a combination of our well-established and successfully tested search process and an functional search team that handles each commission with complete commitment.


We have the ambition to exceed the expectations of our clients and to deliver fast and excellent results for every commission received. This is our passion. This is also the reason why our fulfillment ratio is one hundred percent on all commissions.


Both our directors and our research team can look back on long-standing and successful careers in personnel consulting.

Gap management

If necessary, we can quickly and conveniently bridge your vacancy until the ideal candidate for the permanent position is found. With an interim manager from the network of our strategic partner Atreus.

The Atrova Executive Search Process

From first briefing to the successful integration of the best possible candidate: our success formula is based on a clear, strategic approach and a transparent and effective process. To achieve this, we rely on trusting and long-term cooperation with our clients.

01. Client briefing and specification

Situational analysis, creation of a requirement profile, coordination of a market- and company-specific remuneration framework as well as defining the search strategy and milestones.

02. Data and market research

Development of a meaningful target company list and agreement with the client.

03. Candidate approach

Confidential approach to potential candidates by our research team via different channels. Pre-selection of suitable candidates and initial interviews exclusively by the project-supervising atrova director to check professional, intellectual and social competences.

04. Presentation of the candidates

Presentation of meaningful candidate documents. Arranging and accompanying personal discussions with the client and providing assistance to the client in the selection of the narrowest candidate pool.

05. Completion

Help with final candidate selection as well as obtaining and checking references and accompanying the contract negotiations through to successful completion.

06. Integration support

Accompanying the candidate to ensure smooth integration into the new work environment.

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Our functional areas

We have already filled positions to the complete satisfaction of our clients in all the specialist areas listed here. Job profiles include C-level and senior management positions, departmental management positions, location and plant management positions and project management positions.


Human Resource

Sales and marketing


Supply chain management and procurement


Quality management

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Our industry expertise

Our clients rely on the industry expertise of our research team and the atrova directors, even in the case of difficult tasks.

Telecoms and IT

Successfully managing transformation and growth – in the face of rapid technological change. Hardware manufacturers, software companies, system integrators and solution providers need to develop effective strategies to master innovation pressures and digital change. Candidates who combine specialist and business knowledge with excellent social skills are in high demand.


Manufacturers or automotive suppliers need to face up to the challenges of digitization. Business models and value chains are changing. Topics such as car connectivity, electro-mobility and cross-industry business models are challenges for which companies need experienced executives with digital skills. atrova will find the right candidates for you.

Healthcare, Life Sciences, Chemicals

The advance of digitization does not stop at these sectors. On top of that, there is constant pressure on innovation and numerous acquisitions and mergers to deal with, driven by the need for ever greater cost-efficiency. Not all corporations and SMEs are in a position to achieve significant growth in new markets. And last but not least, there needs to be a suitable corporate culture to support change.

FMCG and Retail

Companies in the consumer goods and retail sector are sometimes faced with the challenge of radically questioning their business models. The Customer Experience and Customer Journey are changing fundamentally and buying decisions are increasingly being made online. Numerous organizations are faced with the task of building the right team to establish smart multi-channel strategies or master the transformation from B2B to B2C company.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

As a consequence of Industry 4.0 and Sales 4.0, many established companies are under pressure to adapt their business models, upgrade and convert their factories, and also to make their employees digitally literate, which in turn acts as a catalyst for change. Whether it concerns a service business, Industry 4.0 or cultural change, we will find the best candidate for you to help shape the future of your company.

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